Burgundy 2011: we are on our way…

Sunday marks the start of our annual pilgrimage to Burgundy to taste and assess the previous year’s vintage from barrel. The excitement in the office is palpable as the two teams receive their itineraries for the week: Who’s got Rousseau? Who’s off to Cathiard?! Such is the strength and depth of our Burgundy list, that all of our visits bring smiles to our faces.

The lie of the land in Burgundy reveals itself in the wines if one looks (tastes) close enough. It is this region, probably more than any other, that really only begins to make sense when viewed from the vineyard (or through the car window as is more often the case with us, as we drive from cellar to cellar invariably running late).

We shall be tasting the 2011 vintage. Stay tuned for more news…

Adrian Heaven


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