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2011 'Kika' Late Harvest Chenin Blanc, Miles Mossop, Stellenbosch
In the World of Wine as a whole, South Africa holds a very particular place. Its climate is not quite as hot as other “New World” countries but it is definitely warmer than France or Italy, for instance. The resulting wines have a very unique quality and the best examples could be said to combine the best of both worlds, with plenty of fruit yet an elegance and freshness seldom found in the warmest climes.

As we tasted the wines in preparation for this offer, even the most sceptical tasters among us could but admit that beyond established names such as the excellent Meerlust’s Rubicon Merlot from Stellenbosch, there was a wealth of brilliant value, interesting and rather delicious wines – a personal favourite was the Chamonix Reserve Pinot Noir from Franschooek. At £92.95/6 ib it is a great buy and will provide lots of drinking pleasure with its juicy, pure Pinot fruit and moreish quality.

South African wines are of particular interest to Lay & Wheeler director Dave Smith:

“In the summer of 2010 I spent a wonderful fortnight in South Africa, a land of amazing landscapes, wonderful people, hospitality and of course fantastic food and wine. our trip included two nights in Franschhoek, the home to some of the finest fare in South Africa.

Nestled between towering mountains in the beautiful Cape Winelands, the magnificent Franschhoek valley is absolutely stunning. Spectacular vineyards cover these mountain slopes settled more than 300 years ago by the Huguenots, who brought with them their age-old French wine and Food culture.

Today, breath-taking scenery, warm hospitality, world class cuisine and the finest South African wines all combine to create lasting memories. For those of you who have been to South Africa our offer represents an opportunity to buy some of the wines that you may well have tasted on your trip. Those who have not been to this country of amazing diversity can take this chance to try something different and, if possible, arrange to visit the region without further delay.

I’m delighted to say that we have managed to unearth some very interesting wines from  this offer from the Cape Winelands, Franschhoek, Stellenbosch and I think you will be surprised at the quality and value on offer here – for me the Chenin-Semillon Cartology from Alheit is an absolute must-buy.”

Dave clearly isn’t the only one to feel that way – Cartology, available at £99.00/6 ib, was chosen today by Julia Harding MW as the Wine of the Week on We are absolutely delighted by this endorsement of a wine that impressed us a lot.

There is much to choose from beyond the couple of wines mentioned here and you can peruse the whole South African offer here.

Ludovic Surina & Dave Smith

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