Fast and (quite) furious…

The much-awaited fine wine Karting Championships came and went last night in a cloud of unleaded fuel and no evening tipples, (for a change) at Anglia Karting in Suffolk. Fine-tune race tactics and a little bravado were exchanged pre-race and tensions were high. Karting is a great ice-breaker for staff social settings, more especially as once uniforms and helmets are donned, all racers had trouble picking out who was who in the race line up – hence revenge on workmates can be both sweet and covert at the same time.

The idea of the ‘Arrive & Drive’ sessions is to race against the clock to achieve the fastest lap time. However, the temptation to catch, slipstream and overtake any of the other drivers was too much to be ignored. All 5 adrenalin junkies had a fantastic evening, the final race generating some debate over driving strategies. One driver’s description “defending his line” is another’s “incompetence and dirty driving” but all good fun and warranting of a re-match. Mr Luffingham’s win is still subject to a stewards enquiry, and any suggestions that he has been receiving driving tips from Michael Schumacher have been denied!

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