Bordeaux 2011 – Watch this space

Our various teams are all now back from Bordeaux, bearing notebooks of scribbled tasting notes, suitcases full of paperwork from the various Châteaux and the marks of those who have been tasting young claret for the last few days – blackened teeth and a purple index finger.

It has been an interesting and educational week. While there are undoubtedly some problematic wines, there are also a great many that have performed exceptionally well. It’s a vintage for careful selection, but it’s certainly not a vintage to avoid. If prices do come down to the levels that we have heard discussed in Bordeaux, there could be some very interesting values out there.

The next few days will be spent compiling our notes and opinions and getting them ready for publication. So this is simply a quick note to let you know keep an eye on the Bordeaux pages of the Lay & Wheeler website. The first tasting notes should appear soon, as well as a vintage overview from our head of buying, Nick Dagley.

The general view in Bordeaux appears to be that it will be an early campaign. Certainly some Châteaux are apparently set to release their prices next week and rumours abound that the First Growths may be priced and on the market by the end of April. Rumours are just that of course, but we’re getting ready for a very interesting few weeks.

Watch this space…

Kat Wiggins

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