Piemonte wines in bond from 2007 & 2008 – La Dolce Vita

Following a couple of years of mentioning how much I would love to visit Piemonte, my requests came to Piemonte 2007, Piemonte 2008, Barolo, Barbarescofruition this January so I brushed up my holiday Italian, packed numerous jumpers and set off with great anticipation.

This fêted region in the foothills of the Alps was everything I expected and more. Despite almost constant snowfall (the first precipitation in weeks in the area) the hospitality, the landscape and of course the wines were truly memorable. It seemed that anything that moved had a snow plough attached and the scent of roasting hazelnuts hung in the air over Alba, the home of Ferrero and Nutella.

However, we were there to taste the wines not the chocolate, and in particular the 2007 and 2008 vintages as estates release their wines at different times. The 2007s are seductive with intense, ripe fruit and supple tannins giving the wines richness and a hedonistic appeal whilst still remaining serious. The 2008s have great intensity but are much more traditional with the classic perfume and weight. The wines display fine tannins with great balance of ripeness and elegance.

Nebbiolo really does produce food wines which was clearly demonstrated by the outstanding meals and the ever present grissini, salami and parmigiano pressed on us at every appointment. The whole trip was an excellent initiation into the wines of Piemonte, improving my knowledge of Italian wines which I have always loved.

Lucy Barber, Buying Co-ordinator


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