Bordeaux 2009: awaiting Robert Parker’s review

Lay & Wheeler’s fine wine trading expert, Al Luffingham, gives his thoughts on the 2009 vintage:

2009 Bordeaux has been pronounced as a great vintage by wine merchants and critics alike, but perhaps by no-one more so than by the renowned American critic, Robert Parker, who last week tweeted “after 33 years of doing this 2009 is the single greatest vintage I have ever tasted…”

While it is fair to say that his tastes and opinions are not always in line with my own, nor a large proportion of the UK wine trade, I do enjoy listening to his opinions and reading his tasting notes.  I read so many reviews of wines that focus solely on the negatives and none of the positives that it makes me wonder if some wine critics actually enjoy tasting wine.  However, whether one agrees with him or not, it is clear that Robert Parker unashamedly loves good wine, which can only be a good thing.

Although I don’t have 33 years of life under my belt,  never mind 33 Bordeaux vintages tasted,  I do happen to agree with Robert Parker. 2009 is unquestionably a great vintage and I, for one, cannot wait to hear what he says about the many great wines he is due to review at the end of this month.

Such is his enthusiasm for the vintage, it is widely predicted that many of the wines he has now tasted in bottle will reach the top end of the provisional scores he gave them when tasting en primeur.

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