Burgundy 2010: Overview and Tasting

With the flurry of activity that there has been recently, our trip to Burgundy seems somewhat distant, but fortunately the wines are so memorable that we have no problems recalling those that we tasted.Burgundy 2010, Wine Tasting, Burgundy En Primeur

It is always difficult after one good vintage to find oneself singing the praises of the next and yet it is a position in which we have found ourselves for Bordeaux, Burgundy and Rhône alike when comparing the 2009 and 2010 vintages.

The 2010 Burgundies were almost-universally a delight to taste. The one quality about which you will hear us wax lyrical in our tasting notes is the freshness. This was without doubt the hallmark of the vintage, giving the fruit nature of both whites and reds a lovely sense of vibrancy and drive.

Low yields caused by somewhat inclement spring weather, a warm (but not hot) summer and cool nights, created ideal conditions for the resulting wines to be complex, classic and incredibly well balanced: ripe, without being overblown, structured, without being austere.

Additionally, the subtlety and balance of this vintage have allowed the unique nature of the individual vineyards to be evident in the glass. This terroir-driven style seems to be one of the characteristics that has most pleased the winemakers, who strive to make wines that express their origins, in terms of vintage, climate, domaine and geography.

Our 2010 Burgundy En Primeur tasting is on 12th January 2012. This is the perfect opportunity to taste the wines from this vintage, as well as to meet many of the producers to discuss the vintage and their domaines. The wines need to be tasted to be believed, so if you can attend, secure your tickets now.

Venue: Glaziers Hall, SE1 9DD
Time: 6pm-8pm
Tickets: £30 per person

Tickets can be purchased online here, by telephone on +44 1473 313300 or email at sales@laywheeler.com.

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