González Byass: Palmas Sherry Limited Edition

Palmas Sherry from González-ByassGonzález-Byass is one of Sherry’s most iconic names, producing some of the finest wines from the region. Palmas is their limited edition range of aged fino Sherries, launched on the 17th October this year. Palmas Sherry from González-Byass

The story behind the “Palma” name on the labels is based on the fact that González-Byass cellar masters have used the palma mark in chalk on barrels containing very old or rare fino sherry. The greater the number of palmas appearing on the barrel, the older the sherry contained within. Therefore, the Finca Una Palma is just six years old; the Finca Cuatro Palmas is 40 years old.

We tasted the wines in the office last week and were blown away by the quality and complexity across the range , even starting with the extremely reasonably priced Una Palma.  The Cuatro Palmas is a unique and extraordinary sherry, showing intriguing savoury and sweet-natured characters; bold, yet elegant, expressive, yet refined.

The wines, tasting notes and offer can be viewed online here.

The wines are available only in small volumes and are designed to be consumed within 6 months of being bottled.

We are therefore offering these now for immediate delivery upon shipment. FREE delivery is included in the price of each wine, which will be delivered to your chosen address as soon as it arrives in the UK in November.

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