Alvaro Palacios: 2010 vintage wines

In the wave of young, pioneering Spanish winemakers that have come to the fore over the last decade, Alvaro Palacios is arguably one of the most exciting. While a native of Rioja, he studied oenology in Bordeaux under the tutelage of Jean-Pierre Moueix, returning to Spain in 1990 to put his experience to good use. Choosing to settle in the great pre-Phylloxera vineyards of Priorat, he initially purchased the Finca Dofí vineyard, later adding the iconic L’Ermita.

An enthusiastic exponent of his art, he believes firmly in the power of terroir and chose his vineyards based on ancient Roman and later monastic sites, stating that “history has chosen the best”. He farms both Finca Dofi and L’Ermita biodynamically and bottles without filtration, allowing the vines to express their natural characters.

It is a philosophy that has garnered him great praise from critics and consumers alike, with his top wines amongst the most sought-after Spanish wines in any vintage.

Our offer of his 2010 wines can be seen here.

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