Burgundy 2009: Register your interest

Along with the rest of France, Burgundy had a wonderful 2009, resulting in exceptional wines that should not be missed. 

The whites are richer than 2007 and 2008, but with better balance than 2006. They have a real sense of matière (body and substance), and – while approachable young – many will also keep extremely well.  

The red wines are however the stars of 2009 and richly deserving of the term “vins de plaisirs”. Seductive and extroverted, they are nonetheless natural in style and impeccably balanced.

Our 2009 Burgundy Overview is now available online, providing a comprehensive summary of the new vintage as well as detailed tasting notes for all the wines that we are likely to purchase.

We receive favourable allocations but, as ever with the finest wines of this great region, demand is always going to outstrip supply. This is why we request that you register your interest at an early stage, even before pricing is finalised.

You may register your interest online  and you can review and amend your requirements until 9am on 17th January 2010, when the allocation process will begin.

Alternatively, please call our sales team on 01473 313 300. The entire team visited the region this year to taste the 2009s, so everyone has first-hand experience of the wines and will be able to discuss them with you.

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