A break from Bordeaux: Classic White Burgundy from Olivier Leflaive

While there is plenty of attention being lavished on Bordeaux, it can be easy to overlook some of the other interesting wines that are available.  However, the god Bacchus did not only smile on Bordeaux in 2009, but nearly every region in France has proclaimed the vintage one of the greatest in recent years.

In Burgundy, the year was near-perfect meteorologically speaking, with only a little hail in Spring to break the spell. The summer months were consistently warm, but not too hot; dry, but not parched. September dawned fine and clear, providing the perfect backdrop for the harvest.

One of the first producers to release their wines from this idyllic vintage is longstanding Lay & Wheeler favourite, Olivier Leflaive. One of the most respected names in Burgundian wine production, Olivier creates terroir-driven wines that never fail to deliver great quality and value. In this vintage, his range of white wines have great definition and balance. Even and complete ripening has given good, though not excessive, sugar levels and an attractive roundness to the fruit and the early harvest preserved a zesty acidity that gives the resultant wines a lovely sense of harmony.

Our full offer of these wines can be seen online, but two particular highlights are:

2009 Bourgogne Blanc, Olivier Leflaive Frères
£81 per case of 12 bottles in bond

Pale in the glass, with notes of honey, white flowers and pear on the nose. The palate is supple and attractive, with notes of ripe pear and ripe, rounded citrus. There is a touch of minerality to this unoaked style and a dart of acidity, giving this great structure and balance. As always, an excellent example of the Olivier Leflaive style. 2010-2012

2009 Meursault Les Tillets, Olivier Leflaive Frères
£198 per case of 12 bottles in bond

Pale in the glass, this has notes of ripe apple and white blossom on the nose. The palate is rounded, with a subtle buttery note and a touch of spice, but allied with pure orchard fruit notes. There is a vein of chalky minerality and a gentle, citrus acidity that lend balance and structure to the wine. The finish is long and fragrant with a hint of toast. 2011-2015

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