Bordeaux 2009: En Primeur de-mystified

“En Primeur” is a French wine trade term for wine which is sold as a “future” i.e. prior to being bottled and for delivery at a future date.

Buying En Primeur ensures access to some of the world’s finest wines, many of which are highly sought after, available only in relatively small quantities and can become incredibly difficult to find as they become older. Purchasing a wine En Primeur often also allows you to secure the wine at the lowest possible price, as many fine wines attract higher prices as they mature.

En Primeur wines are usually offered one or two years after the vintage; in the case of Bordeaux, the campaign occurs in the spring following the harvest.

En Primeur wines are priced “in bond”, which is exclusive of UK duty and VAT charges. Customers pay the opening price as soon as the wine is offered on the market and the wine is shipped to the UK one or two years later, depending on the release policy of the individual Châteaux.

When the wine arrives in the UK, it is automatically delivered to and stored at our bonded warehouse, Vinothèque. We will notify you when your wine arrives at Vinothèque and ask if you wish to take onward delivery of your wine. Alternatively, it will be stored safely and in perfect condition at Vinothèque until you instruct us otherwise at our current storage rate. Duty and VAT become payable when you wish to have your wines delivered.

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