Bordeaux 2009: What are people saying?

 “Blends (apparently more difficult than usual) were being finalised while we were there. We tasted at Canon and Tertre, both of which were impressive, with very ripe, big tannins… Looking forward to tasting further; I suspect the wines will be less classic than 2005 but that the best will be something truly special.” Nick Dagley, Fine Wine Buyer for Majestic and Lay & Wheeler, who recently visited the region.

“Comparisons with other vintages are proverbially difficult to make, but maybe we can say that 2009 is what 1982 or 1985 would have been if the vineyard and the yields had been managed as today, or what the 1947 would have been if the vinification had been controlled as today. All of those historic vintages seem to share the same sweetness of concentrated fruit as the 2009…” Bill Blatch of negoçiant Vintex, who writes a detailed annual report about the conditions in Bordeaux.

 “In terms of quality, I rate 2009 first, then 2005, then 2000″ – François Mitjaville, Châteaux Tertre Rôteboeuf and Roc des Cambes.

“2009 is riper and bolder than 2005” – John Kolassa, Châteaux Canon and Rauzan-Segla.

“The grapes harvested at Vieux Château Certan were the best I have ever seen” – François Thienpoint, from Negoçiant Wings.

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